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We are happy to announce that we moved our FNT Partner Portal to a new platform (Microsoft Sharepoint). The new Partner Portal has a modern layout and structure which makes it easier to find relevant content. Besides this, we are currently working on creating new content which will support you in your daily FNT projects. The current Partner Portal will go offline soon and won´t be updated anymore. Please contact us if you need access to the new Partner Portal.

FNT´s Java strategy

FNT software products are based on Java technology in the backend and require the Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) in the system requirements. However, Oracle changed its license and support policy some time ago to the disadvantage of our customers. Due to a lack of alternatives and time-consuming legal checks, the topic has become somewhat drawn out. Recently, however, there are several full-fledged alternatives to the Oracle JDK (including free Long Term Support) which we can use to simplify our Java strategy and make it more flexible. The trigger is that with Amazon Corretto and AdoptOpenJDK (supported e.g. by Microsoft and IBM) now two free alternatives to the Oracle JDK with LTS (Long Term Support) for Java 8 and Java 11 until at least 2023 are available. Some customers are already using these without any problems and FNT internal technology tests with Command were also successful. This enables us to extend our system requirements and offer our customers additional options and therefore more flexibility. In concrete terms, this means for our Java strategy: For Command, the System Requirements are extended so that any other Java 8 OpenJDK distribution can be used in addition to the Oracle JDK 8. Our customers can freely decide which Java distribution (free or commercial) they want to use. A further advantage is that the JDK (e.g. Red Hat OpenJDK), which may be supplied by the operating system and optimized by the manufacturer, can now also be used.
As of Command 12.10, Java 11 (also all OpenJDK distributions) is officially supported in addition to Java 8. Starting with Command 13 only Java 11 is supported.
For all other FNT software products, all Java OpenJDK distributions, in addition to the Oracle JDK, will be released after a successful cross-test.
In the future, our software products will always run on a Java version with LTS support. Currently these are Java 8 or Java 11. The next Java version with LTS support will be Java 17.
For our internal Linux systems (development, test, reference,...) the Java provided by the operating system will be used in the future. In principle, any free distribution can be used for the local development environment. AdoptOpenJDK is pre-installed by default.

Andreas Thieme was announced as the new Head of Global Marketing.

Read the article to get more information about Andreas Thieme.



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